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He has risen, Alleluia!

We had Mass at 10 this morning and now it will stay at 10 on Sunday mornings for the next 3 months. Full house. Father Jim had a great homily, even tho’ he got lost coming a different direction and was a half an hour late…didn’t matter, we all had a good visit, pre mass!

I harnessed and fed afterwards when I got home. Tate and Kass and entourage came about 1:30, then Dusty showed up and then Chance, Hope and the kids and lastly Cindy and Fr Tyler as they both had to work this morning! 🙂

Tate made prime rib and it was awesome! We were told you’ll always screw up your first one, but much like the first rhubarb crunch he made, I don’t know how you’d make it any better…

There was horse viewing a little leather work, some saddle swapping out and even some practice at the “shooting range”. Golf balls make excellent targets!

It’s a quarter to nine as I write this and only Gramma, Fr Tyler and myself left. All comfortably stuffed and with a yearly renewal of our faith and belief… He is Risen! Alleluia!

Becca stopped in today so I got her to use my camera and had her snap a few shots. Thanks Beck!



Shirt sleeve weather!

Yeah, yeah,m it will cool off, but I am enjoying this while I got it!

Left the team harnessed after feeding this morning, (Sam went along for the first trip with hay, but didn’t on the second trip with bean)

So after dinner I went out and hooked Wren in between Roz and Ron, hooked Ron and Wren to the chariot with Roz along side of Wren for company and made a lap around the big corral and then headed out for a trip up west. Wren jumped and spooked and shied at several things, but like always, the farther we went the better she got. we went up the longest steepest way on quite a few hills, while still coming down on a lesser grade. Man, ol’ Ron is a traveling sucker! If he’d just walk slow it would be easier on the hands but all he wants to do is go, go, go… I think if you hooked him to a plow or something hard to work him he’d go until he dropped!

Now I need to shower and shave and get cleaned up for Thursday evening Mass. Remember, this Season ain’t really about the bunny…

A tad chilly, but not bad for March, in the morning when I went to feed. There was a light twinkling of frost on every piece of grass and rock and even cow pies on the ground. No wind.

Hope and Chance had left my car in town the other day so Hope gave me a ride in to town in her new vehicle, a Nissan SUV about the size of Cindy’s, but black instead of red. I drove it and it drives and rides nice. I got thew car and dropped the laptop off to see why it wouldn’t work. It was the hard drive and missed the warranty by 7 days, but they went ahead and honored it. And THAT is why I do all my business with the local Apple Computer store.

I had to run over to Sturgis and record some commercials for upcoming Cowboy Poetry week for play on the local radio station. I will be part of a workshop on Cowboy Poetry at deadwood along with Pat Frolander and Henry Real Bird. Then in the evening Paul Larson and I will do a show at the Days of 76 Museum. Ought to be fun.

Coming home I stopped at CBH and had a tire fixed that had a slow leak. All that pretty much shot the day. I am waiting for it to get a bit warmer before I go to feed so Sam can ride along. Supposed to be warm now thru’ the weekend.

So far, I haven’t seen any cows bagging up, but a few of the younger ones are springing, so i suppose we could get some calves about any time. Not sure when they will start as we AI’d the heifers and everyone tells us that will make them calve earlier than normal and used Char bulls on the old cows and everyone tells us that that will make them calve a bit later. all i know is if it gets stormy I will just have to watch them closer, just in case…

Warmed up real nice this afternoon and hardly a breeze.

Fed this morning and left the team harnessed but loose to drink and eat. Went out this afternoon and worked the filly.
Again, put her in the middle and hooked them up to the chariot after a bit of ground driving. This time I tied her back with a halter rope on either side of her, to the older broke horses hames and then hooked the jockey straps between the bits. Had to readjust my lines a bit and really should have made them a bit different, in that my far left hand horse was quite a ways over, so by having the lines hooked correctly for my two on the tongue, it was a bit off, tho’ it worked. The far left horse just wanted to be lazy and hang back a bit, but then that was a good deal for when the young one in the middle wanted to jump ahead a bit. Biggest problem is getting Ron, the older gelding, to just walk. He wants to get right out and jog or trot and when I try to slow him up a bit he just leans on your hands. Voice is about all that will slow him down on a light rig like that. On my wagon I will take a dally on the uprights when he gets to going to hard and make him pull it with the lines and he is good to back off then. I do not want to go to a harsher bit. Face it, he’s just got a lot of energy and go and when I get his mate broke with him, they will be pulling son of a guns! From what I’ve read they would make a good lead team on 6 up as the weight of the lines would help to hold them back and they would get out and make the rest of the horses hustle to keep up. Anyway, by tying back to each horse with the halter ropes and the straps between from bit to bit, instead of from hame to bit, it is a little better, you’ve got a little more feel and there really was no jerking on each others mouths as I thought it might. Not sure the first trip a man would want to do it this way, but this filly is far enough a long that it worked nicely.

Chinks almost done. Pictures when I do…if I can get Gramma to pose or take photo’s…


Cold, snow, wind… must be March in SD!

Not much new, feed cows, go to Mass, pray for moisture….

Same old, same old… 🙂

I have been working on my chinks too!

As Jed Clampett used to say1 The roads in the Hills are not fun, unless you have a reckless bent… tho’ we did see a few wrecks!

Chance’s pickup is in the shop so Hope was supposed to go pick him up..I volunteered to go, she had cakes that needed delivered, Cliff needed a ride, so after Gus got off the bus, we all were heading to town. Right after the bus left and we got everyone seated, here came Gramma, so we traded her my pickup for her Nitro and boy am I glad we did! Roads were good going in but started getting snowy and nasty as we got there… dropped off the cakes, and headed for Whitewood to drop Cliff off. By the time we got to Whitewood it was worse, so we left him and headed for Rapid where Chance had gotten a ride to. Roads were NOT nice. 50 mph was about the top speed to be safe, but of course there were them ones driving 35/40 in the driving lane, messing everybody up. too slow is as bad as too fast. Closer we got to Rapid the better it got, tho’ still not great. Picked up chance and ran to Menards and got a few bags of pellets to put in the back for some weight and better traction. I drove in 4 wheel drive most of the time. the kids were all howling they were starving and i bet they were hungry but as nasty as it was by that time we didn’t stop, just headed for New Underwood. Couldn’t see for blowing snow by that time and about half way to New Underwood it got much better, so we sailed along. we didn’t stop there either as I was afraid the storm would catch us. Roads north of Underwood were good, by and large tho’ we did hit some snow in the breaks. Once we were past their it was fine. Wet but not slippery other than a few spots on 34 where the snow was sticking. got home and it was nice here. Poor little Addy Bear had to sit in her car seat all the time from the time we left until we got home… and she sure let us know she didn’t like it, besides, by the time we got home it was her bed time. Bet she sleeps good tonight! She was already mad at me this morning as she wanted to ride along to feed but Sam went in stead…but she don’t hold grudges…. yet! 🙂

Got about 3 inches of snow last night and it was mostly gone by the time we left about 3. Sure would take a lot more and a bunch of warm spring rains….

By grandkids! 🙂

Hope had to go in to meet a lady about a cake so dropped the kids off here after Gus gout out of school. Luckily Gramma got home at about the same time!

Tee came a little before noon and we got in a pretty good day of working on saddles. He is good at it and does good work and takes instructions well.

Gramma made home made pizza’s for supper and poor ol’ tee had to leave and didn’t get any, but i did make him some frijoles, some steaks cut off a chuck roast and a baked potato for lunch. Seemed to enjoy it.

I am tired and my idea of pockets in the chinks I am building is not going well… I am vexed…. :-

Chance of snow tonight, bring it on. Also, got my first branding date for the spring today…

After I had harnessed and hooked the team to the bale wagon this morning, I took off across the yard, headed south to the bales across the road…3 dogs were with me, two Border collies and one a combination of several cow eating breeds… 😉

Just as we got halfway across the driveway, my horses and I both looked to the south east at something running. It was a deer, a yearling or two year old doe, coming at a run, panic in it’s actions, and there was something chasing it that looked like a coyote, but bigger and fatter than I would think a coyote should be at this time of the year… so I was thinking a dog perhaps, as both it and the deer were intent on the chase and really paid no attention to our yard, my dogs, my team and wagon or me…I had my pistol with me and thought about getting it out and taking a shot, but the thought crossed my mind that it was going to be hard to get off a good shot while trying to drive fresh horses, one handed and what their reaction was going to be after the sound of the first shot, and also that I would be shooting between them or slightly off to the side….

I was kind of amazed that the dogs did not see any of the action and were intent on sniffing and dancing around, getting their edge off from being in the house or kenneled up all night. The wind was blowing somewhat towards us from the action so I wondered why they did not scent the deer or dog-like creature…

As they got closer, I could see the deer was running with it’s mouth open, showing that this chase had gone on for some time and I could even see the panic in the eyes of the deer, as they passed in front of us less than 50 yards away…it was a coyote, fat and furry, with a little hair shorter on the end of his tail, like perhaps he had gotten the mange and gotten over it.. or maybe was in the first stages of getting mange…. I am no mange expert!

As they passed right in front of us, neither looked our way or even acknowledged that we were there and I thought, “My, how bold!”

They continued on and so did we as tho’ neither part had even noticed the other, except that I kept looking off over my shoulder to see where they went and what they did, while wondering again if I should attempt a shot…they ran almost across the lawn and between driving the team and the tree’s behind the house, I lost sight of the deer. As soon as the coyote got across the road and some distance away from me and my party, he looked back and stopped and watched us… then resumed his hunt and headed over the hill behind the house. Unperturbed.

So… these thoughts crossed my mind…

A. I wonder why neither the deer or coyote showed any fear of me or the dogs? Was it because this is a coyote who had been around me before and showed contempt and disdain for my shooting abilities so really wasn’t worried in the least about running his prey that close to me?

B. How ballsy is a coyote to think he can run down and kill a deer? Why didn’t he call for backup?

C. Why did my dogs not notice the coyote or the deer? Tho’ to be fair, when Buck was running around he did seem to smell a track and started to search it out, but I called him back…

D. Why is it that in 55 years I have only had about 10 coyote sightings on this ranch, tho’ I am aware they are around? Do I have a stench that makes coyotes want to avoid me?

E. Why was the coyote so fat?

F. If I am going to pack a pistol with me at all times, why do i not use it? If it is because of fear of how my horses will react, why don’t I train them to be accustomed to the sound?

I am most partial to A., as there have been many times I have proven to all about, just what a poor shot I am! Sorry my sheep ranching neighbors, but he got away..