‘Nuther beautimus day!

Shirt sleeve weather!

Yeah, yeah,m it will cool off, but I am enjoying this while I got it!

Left the team harnessed after feeding this morning, (Sam went along for the first trip with hay, but didn’t on the second trip with bean)

So after dinner I went out and hooked Wren in between Roz and Ron, hooked Ron and Wren to the chariot with Roz along side of Wren for company and made a lap around the big corral and then headed out for a trip up west. Wren jumped and spooked and shied at several things, but like always, the farther we went the better she got. we went up the longest steepest way on quite a few hills, while still coming down on a lesser grade. Man, ol’ Ron is a traveling sucker! If he’d just walk slow it would be easier on the hands but all he wants to do is go, go, go… I think if you hooked him to a plow or something hard to work him he’d go until he dropped!

Now I need to shower and shave and get cleaned up for Thursday evening Mass. Remember, this Season ain’t really about the bunny…

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