Beautiful day

A tad chilly, but not bad for March, in the morning when I went to feed. There was a light twinkling of frost on every piece of grass and rock and even cow pies on the ground. No wind.

Hope and Chance had left my car in town the other day so Hope gave me a ride in to town in her new vehicle, a Nissan SUV about the size of Cindy’s, but black instead of red. I drove it and it drives and rides nice. I got thew car and dropped the laptop off to see why it wouldn’t work. It was the hard drive and missed the warranty by 7 days, but they went ahead and honored it. And THAT is why I do all my business with the local Apple Computer store.

I had to run over to Sturgis and record some commercials for upcoming Cowboy Poetry week for play on the local radio station. I will be part of a workshop on Cowboy Poetry at deadwood along with Pat Frolander and Henry Real Bird. Then in the evening Paul Larson and I will do a show at the Days of 76 Museum. Ought to be fun.

Coming home I stopped at CBH and had a tire fixed that had a slow leak. All that pretty much shot the day. I am waiting for it to get a bit warmer before I go to feed so Sam can ride along. Supposed to be warm now thru’ the weekend.

So far, I haven’t seen any cows bagging up, but a few of the younger ones are springing, so i suppose we could get some calves about any time. Not sure when they will start as we AI’d the heifers and everyone tells us that will make them calve earlier than normal and used Char bulls on the old cows and everyone tells us that that will make them calve a bit later. all i know is if it gets stormy I will just have to watch them closer, just in case…

One thought on “Beautiful day

  1. The hubby has an Apple laptop and loves it. I bought a toshiba and I love that. I still am thinking of buying an apple I-Pad though (in the future). M a y b e 🙂

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