We have been invaded!

By grandkids! šŸ™‚

Hope had to go in to meet a lady about a cake so dropped the kids off here after Gus gout out of school. Luckily Gramma got home at about the same time!

Tee came a little before noon and we got in a pretty good day of working on saddles. He is good at it and does good work and takes instructions well.

Gramma made home made pizza’s for supper and poor ol’ tee had to leave and didn’t get any, but i did make him some frijoles, some steaks cut off a chuck roast and a baked potato for lunch. Seemed to enjoy it.

I am tired and my idea of pockets in the chinks I am building is not going well… I am vexed…. :-

Chance of snow tonight, bring it on. Also, got my first branding date for the spring today…

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