He has risen, Alleluia!

We had Mass at 10 this morning and now it will stay at 10 on Sunday mornings for the next 3 months. Full house. Father Jim had a great homily, even tho’ he got lost coming a different direction and was a half an hour late…didn’t matter, we all had a good visit, pre mass!

I harnessed and fed afterwards when I got home. Tate and Kass and entourage came about 1:30, then Dusty showed up and then Chance, Hope and the kids and lastly Cindy and Fr Tyler as they both had to work this morning! 🙂

Tate made prime rib and it was awesome! We were told you’ll always screw up your first one, but much like the first rhubarb crunch he made, I don’t know how you’d make it any better…

There was horse viewing a little leather work, some saddle swapping out and even some practice at the “shooting range”. Golf balls make excellent targets!

It’s a quarter to nine as I write this and only Gramma, Fr Tyler and myself left. All comfortably stuffed and with a yearly renewal of our faith and belief… He is Risen! Alleluia!

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