Weeeee doggies!

As Jed Clampett used to say1 The roads in the Hills are not fun, unless you have a reckless bent… tho’ we did see a few wrecks!

Chance’s pickup is in the shop so Hope was supposed to go pick him up..I volunteered to go, she had cakes that needed delivered, Cliff needed a ride, so after Gus got off the bus, we all were heading to town. Right after the bus left and we got everyone seated, here came Gramma, so we traded her my pickup for her Nitro and boy am I glad we did! Roads were good going in but started getting snowy and nasty as we got there… dropped off the cakes, and headed for Whitewood to drop Cliff off. By the time we got to Whitewood it was worse, so we left him and headed for Rapid where Chance had gotten a ride to. Roads were NOT nice. 50 mph was about the top speed to be safe, but of course there were them ones driving 35/40 in the driving lane, messing everybody up. too slow is as bad as too fast. Closer we got to Rapid the better it got, tho’ still not great. Picked up chance and ran to Menards and got a few bags of pellets to put in the back for some weight and better traction. I drove in 4 wheel drive most of the time. the kids were all howling they were starving and i bet they were hungry but as nasty as it was by that time we didn’t stop, just headed for New Underwood. Couldn’t see for blowing snow by that time and about half way to New Underwood it got much better, so we sailed along. we didn’t stop there either as I was afraid the storm would catch us. Roads north of Underwood were good, by and large tho’ we did hit some snow in the breaks. Once we were past their it was fine. Wet but not slippery other than a few spots on 34 where the snow was sticking. got home and it was nice here. Poor little Addy Bear had to sit in her car seat all the time from the time we left until we got home… and she sure let us know she didn’t like it, besides, by the time we got home it was her bed time. Bet she sleeps good tonight! She was already mad at me this morning as she wanted to ride along to feed but Sam went in stead…but she don’t hold grudges…. yet! 🙂

Got about 3 inches of snow last night and it was mostly gone by the time we left about 3. Sure would take a lot more and a bunch of warm spring rains….

4 thoughts on “Weeeee doggies!

    1. Hope’s father lives up by Deerfield and he had over 12 inches last evening when she talked to him about 6 pm.

  1. I have to say that I am glad it was you and not me. I drive in it but I sure hate it. One thing about the mountain regions is that some of that snow doesn’t blow quite as bad as if it was flat as a pancake. When we lived in Illinios, you couldn’t tell where the darn roads were, you could see for miles and miles with no hedge rows to let you know where the fields where even.

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