Made it out to California and back in one piece. Had great weather for the most part, but then, I like rain! Really only rained one day. Had a great set up, a great group of people running things, in the event and to hang out with. My buddy Mike took good care of me and so did his friends who are now mine. I rode his horse Maddy the first day I was contesting and she was lame the next so Robin Bond gave me her great horse Chappo for the day. Good? No, fantastic! Both of those horses won their respective divisions, so I rode two of the very best there and I’d say they had to be tops in that country for that work. Got to meet lot’s of friends I had made over the internet and new ones. It completely changed my mind about that country from the last trip. Of course, I didn’t have to drive thru’ LA and all them other over stocked highways either!!!!!!

I can not begin to describe how fantastic the whole experience was… I get a lump in my throat when I think of the kindness’s extended to me and how royally all of us out of town’ers were treated. Stupendous! Amazing! These and any other word can not even come close to how it was…. Muchas Gracias, amigo’s….come to my land, I will attempt to extend you the same courtesies and treatment!