Warm and windy

Yesterday and warmer and not so windy today. Lot’s of ice turning soft this morning while I fed. Chance and Addy Bear rode along on the wagon. I used the new collars just to see how they would fit. they had them riveted together at the top! I guess some people just push them over the horses heads and if they fit i will also, but these were narrow, so I cut the strap holding the tops together under the buckle and unbuckled and put them on that way. Supposed to stay nice all week and that is good as i will be gone to California for the last part and Chance and the wimmen folk will have to take care of things around here…hope they do as good a job as I do! 😉 LOL

10 thoughts on “Warm and windy

  1. If I got one it was long ago. Cindy looked at what I have and tells me I have all the numbers and am in the system so I should be fine. Haven’t weighed, hell i ain’t got it packed yet! I will have to get wet, buy a slicker or borrow one of yours as i can’t find mine… now where in the hell did that get to….

  2. Hmmm, off to sunny Californ-i-a! Lucky you, don’t worry I am sure the ranch will still be there when you get back (hopefully in one piece)! 😉

  3. Well hope the weather isn’t as harsh as I know it can be. They should be ok. Think you probably have taught them well. Have a great California time!

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  4. I put my collars on over the head. I squash a new collar down and leave it at first to be rounder to fit their necks better and it then also goes over their head better. Some put it on upside down so there is a bigger hole for their forhead and turn it right side up after it is over the ears. I don’t do it that way as i have adjustabme collars that are a little wider at the top.

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