Pictures from the last few days…

11 thoughts on “Pictures from the last few days…

  1. When I first saw the thumbnail of Gab on Charlie I thought it was you on Mijo. Very cool pony. I wonder if he is small enough in the mouth to pack one of those old narrow spade bits? Maybe you could get Pat to part with some of his collection. 🙂

    1. Yeah, if we ever get him good enough, I am sure he would. Yeah, good luck on getting Pat to let any go and me being able to afford one if he would!

  2. Great pictures! Love the pony. Are those Haflingers or Belgians–I can’t tell from the low down perspective. I had a Haflinger mare for several years, til she and I had a disagreement and she bucked me off on the trail and broke two of my ribs. Since then she’s belonged to a kid in Northern California and they’ve gotten along just fine! Cute, but there’s nothing like a QH as far as I’m concerned.

    1. Mary Ann, the pony is a Hackney I am told. Kid spoiled anyway, but Gabe is making good progress..the team are Halflinger’s. I have 4. Two trained very well as a team and 2 that are real green. I rode the mare in the round corral a little. I don’t really intend to ride them, just drive them as a team to feed cows and such chores…Ron and Roz and their sisters, Wren and Rill.

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