No, not the weather (yet!) I have one. Went with Hope to the kid’s doctor and must have picked it up there….

Went over to Clint’s and we worked their fall calves today. Nothin’ like the smell of burnin’ hair! When I got home I was ready to collapse… after I did the chores. Took a hot bath and now eating chicken noodle soup. Not nearly as good as when I was a wee shaver….

Supposed to get cooler and chance of rain/snow… oh well, at least it’s wet.

6 thoughts on “Cold

  1. Heal up fast, no sick days for ranchers. Although you do have a little more back up now. I think you should just stay in bed today, send Hope to do your chores. 😉

    1. Can’t, she is gone to the Hills to make cakes and get her sick kids to the doctor, so I have to do her chores also! Oh well, I’ve had colds before. A little more rest and fluids than usual and in a few days I will be back to normal.

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