As I picked up Kelvin, my Danish friend from the airport last night. Y cold kicked back in yesterday evening as I went5 a bit short of sleep night before last. Was up until midnight watching and responding to a small grass fire with Delbert and the Truck from Red Owl. They had it out by the time we got there, but we stayed as they mopped up, kept up a drizzle and we got wet and came home. When I went to bed I was cold and couldn’t sleep, so moved into the other room so as not to disturb Cindy. Felt good yesterday morning for awhile and then got real sleepy so took a nap. Awoke rested and refreshed and felt better than I have for a long time. Good drugs! But by last night, I was running down. Did a lot of running in Rapid getting things we will need to take with us to the upcoming Artist Ride. Coughed a lot in the night and will need a nap at some point today. Laramie is supposed to come and shoe up the front feet on some horses this afternoon. Windy and cooler today. Now off to other project. But because of Kelvin being here and the Artist Ride, I may not post quite as often….