Another day

Got a good nights sleep last night. Slept in and got about 9 hours. It was delicious!

Did skirt work, as Linda calls it. this morning. With me I guess it’s kilt work! 🙂

Paid bills, did some laundry. Planted the tomatoes in the green house. The tree lady came and got the tree planter. So I had to wait around for her… I made some lunch, she came and got the planter, I took a nap (yay, more sleep!) then went out and fixed fence and the windmill down south east and got it going.

Didn’t seem to do that much, but I am ready for more sleep!

Wind came up this afternoon and really howled. got warm today. Up in the 70’s anyway. Supposed to blow all night and part of tomorrow, but a little cooler.

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