Work horses and bale unroller

Had a nice visit with a feller from over by Aberdeen, who has Clyde’s. He asked to see some pictures of my bale unroller. So here they are Ryan, along with a few others. Click on the pictures to make them bigger.

Here’s the poem Ryan. feel free to copy it if you like. I couldn’t make it copy and paste to an email, so decided to post it here.

Workhorses and Tractors

I’ve got some neighbors who laugh and make fun
When I hook up a team of horse to get my feedin’ done

Or when I hook ‘em to a wagon to go and fix some fence
They laugh and say, “Ol’ Bob, he just ain’t got no sense!”

But when ol’ man winter sets in and it’s 10 or 20 below
I don’t have to plug them horses in just so they can go!

And when the snow is drifted and it’s deep and it’s hard
I just hook up to an old bobsled and slid on over it, pard

See, I ain’t got no oil wells, but I do have oats and hay
And horses hooves don’t go flat, tho’ sometimes tractor tires may

And workhorses get more dependable the older that they get
I ain’t never heard of a tractor that thats been said about yet

And tractors won’t replace themselves like a good ol’ draft horse
Just turn a stud out with the mare and nature takes it’s course

I only get off and on once to take my team thru’ a gate
Just open, say, “Git up, Whoa” close it, I think thats just great

Can’t do that with a tractor, they don’t stop when you say “Whoa”
Tractors break down often and that costs a pile of dough

So I’ll take a team of horse to feed and fence and such
And I’ll leave them ol’ tractors to them as don’t know as much!

Robert Dennis

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