Must be March

Kite flying weather…..
Wind came out of the west, south west.

I worked on the saddle this morning and went and fed after dinner. The blinds seemed to help when I hooked up Wren with Ron, later. But still allow her to see too much, so I will tighten them up, closer to her head and try it again tomorrow. I just drove them afoot and that helped some, but she still wanted to look back at me and be bothered. Tuff minded, tuff bodied. The wildest colts make the best horses, so I ain’t worried.

Came back in afterwards and worked on stamping on the fork of the saddle some more, slow fussy work. Hard to get the leather to take on water and keep it as it is stretched and glued on the back side. Now I am waiting for it all to dry so I can do the beading in the background, one side at a time, so the side that is down on my knee ( I have to hold it in my lap while it is strapped to the saddle stand to be very effective ) doesn’t get mushed.

Happy Birthday Gus! 5 years big, today!

4 thoughts on “Must be March

  1. Happy Birthday Gus! Gosh they grow up so youngest grand is ten soon to be eleven..I cannot believe how time flies. Warm here too..the snow is mostly gone. still some in the woods in the shady areas..what is the weather going to do is real mixed up. 70 degrees in March:)

  2. Last one I checked on, actual time and not any time spent on waiting for leather or glue to dry, was 43 for a pretty plain one. I’d guess close to 50 or 60 for one like I am building now. If I did nothing but build saddles I think I could average one a week.. But I’d hate it.

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