Another day with Wren

After I got the chorse done this morning I left the team harnessed. I went out after Cindy called and unharnessed Roz and turned her loose, caught up Wren and harnessed her with Roz’s harness. I had to take up some slack in the quarter straps and make the collar one size smaller. Bridle fit good. so I hooked her up with Ron, drove them into the big corral and drove them a foot a bit. Wren acted good so I drove them over the tongue of the chariot and hooked them up. We took off and we did real well for a time and then Wren figured out she could turn her head to the outside (left) and see me and the chariot back there. That really bothered her. We made lots of lap’s going both directions and the further we went the more bothered she got. She’d jump and spook and it was pretty controllable but by the end her mouth was getting sore from the bit and numb to the pressure, sot it was like pulling on a rock. I hated to quit there, but it wasn’t getting any better. So I unhooked and left them standing in the stall harnessed and brought the bridles to the house and rigged up much bigger blinders for her headstall, like I use on Ron as he was like this also. I will try and drive them again tomorrow and see if this doesn’t help.
I worked Brody this afternoon after turning the team loose. Went real well. Little breeze out of the south but got up over 60 and another real beautiful nice day!
I brought in a load of ash wood yesterday so we have a fire going so we can grill steaks after bit.

Worked on my saddle this morning and again after dinner. Now that I have Cindy to help me a little I will do some more.

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