Still March!

It was real nice this morning, hardly a breeze but it made up for it this afternoon and it is supposed to stay like this for the next day or so, looks like.

I had unexpected visitors yesterday afternoon. Jan W and some of her new neighbor/friends stopped in for a bit and then Paul S dropped in just as we were heading to church. So I had a good visit with Jan and her buddies but a real short one with Paul. After Mass Cindy and I drove up to Brad and Bec’s as the filly he is training on hurt her eye and he wanted me to look at it. Looks like it’s a long way from her heart and she may end up with a blue spot in her eye, but heck, she’s just a mare! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Chance and Hope dropped the kids off late as they were headed to a St Paddy’s Day party at the neighbors. The spent the night and then this morning I got Chance’s chinks cut out while I had him here to measure them on and also got him measured to check on a pair I am making for another your man. He had sent me measurements so I needed to see how that related to someone around here. I used to use chance for a model a lot, but now that live so far away, it doesn’t work so well. I did finish up the floral work on the fork of the saddle so just put on the cantle binding and oil it up and ready to go!
Cindy caught a sale on cheese so we are having home made pizza for supper. There goes my diet! ๐Ÿ™‚

And heck, I didn’t even work either colt today, so didn’t bun many calories off! Oh well, I’ll make up for it tomorrow!

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