Long day, short night

Couldn’t sleep last night. I’d start to drift off and some stupid thing would rattle my cage in my brain. Finally got up and watched a stupid old western movie. Sure didn’t want to get up when the alarm went off this morning. Did my chores and ran down to see if I had left the tank on down south and fix some fence a guy ran thru’ the other day. Windmill was froze up, the other tanks were about dry so I figured I must have shut them off and just forgot. After I discovered the pump rod was froze on the windmill I drove back to turn on the tank over farther west. Turned it on and didn’t seem like it was doing much, but it’s a long ways from the well so decided I’d just check it this afternoon. Came home and ate a bite and putted around on the computer. Tried to take a nap but got a call and that woke me up enough to say the Hell with it. Drove back down south and checked and no water. Drove over to the well and something ain’t working on it now, tho; it was earlier. Came home, called my well guy and he has the flu. Sounds like it’s probably just the box and I probably could fix it, but I am a pure coward when it comes to electricity. I hate to change the batteries in my flash light! I will call another guy this evening and see if we can get it fixed as I’d like to kick some cows back down on all that left over grass.

Been working in the leather shop the rest of the afternoon. ‘Bout got the project whipped. I will post a picture (if I can remember to take one of it) after Christmas. Wouldn’t want to spoil anyone’s Christmas surprise!

I got some phone calls this afternoon and tried to run down a guy to come make the pellet stove work, and a part for it, just in case that is the problem. Sure wish we’d have gotten a different stove. This one sticks inside the fireplace and it’s a pure pain to work on! Can’t get much response for the company or the guy who sold it to Cindy. Dammit!

5 thoughts on “Long day, short night

  1. I hate when we have those kinds of days, nothing goes right and you wish you could of just stayed in bed! Hope things look better tomorrow!

  2. When you’ve got troubles like that it’s hard to count your blessings. When I lay awake in the middle of the night I welcome it as a time to pray. Sure beats worrying.

  3. Troubles? Naw, just some different things to take care of. Yeah, I can’t pray and sleep at the same time. Prayers keep me awake. 😉

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