Feeding and stuff

7 thoughts on “Feeding and stuff

    1. Yeah, Connie, he is. He doesn’t have quite as much bite when he is by himself as I like, but in most cases with my cattle too little is better than too much. and if I need more bite I just send Bob to help. And if one really thinks she is tuff and is going to whip dogs, Shadow goes in and then she is screwed! Ain’t a cow in this world that can handle the 3 of them together. Tho’ I’ve got an old Corrientee who thinks she has to try it, at times! 😉

    1. He is a bit tentative and has to get them moving to bite one Marianne. Where as Bob just builds to them and the Devil take the hindmost! My old Joe dog (Driden’s Joe, bred) would always go to the head and get them moving and then move them which ever direction you needed them to go.

  1. Roz and Ron look like they really appreciated the hair cut 😉 I bet it is great having four legged friends when you are alone doing the work.

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