Nice weather

Been getting up in the 40’s during the day and probably 50’s yesterday, with not much wind.

Worked on getting the hook up for the bale unroller on the back of the tractor working. Dean came along and helped me, we had a cup of tea and then ran to Punkin Center as I needed a new lick tub for the calves and we didn’t feel like cooking. We ran on to Glen and had a good visit. When we got home I went on to some other stuff and Brad showed up, so I had another good visit.

Ran into town day before yesterday and picked up the posters for the gig ad scattered some around. Met up with Paul and we both did the Live with JT show and got the word out about the show. Been getting some calls about it and wondering about tickets. They will be available at the door.

Supposed to be another nice day today and sounds like Tate and Kass and kids are coming out, so we can have an early birthday party for Lige. Tomorrow is the first day of deer season and I think Tate got a tag or two. Not a lot around, but we should be able o find one for him.

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