Been working on stuff for the deal at Beslers Cadillac Ranch on November 19, this morning.

Thank you Sarah Carlson for doing the poster for us! Looks great to me. If anyone wants to have her do something of this nature, let me know and I will put you in touch with her.

Anyone wanting tickets for this, let me know as I have some made up now. These posters will be going up around the country as soon as I get them from the printer. If you’d like a poster or two to hang up in your area, let me know. These will be big, so postage on them might be expensive and if that is the case, I would ask people from a distance away to just copy and print this and hang them up, please. We have a very limited budget up front and if we don’t sell many tickets it will be worse than a break even deal. So I am trying to get by as inexpensively as I can.

Sorry Paul LarsEn, we spelled your name wrong. It’s always something!!!!!

Now, off to help a neighbor gather his cattle to ship calves! And it’s a beautiful day out there!

8 thoughts on “Busy

  1. neat job on the poster……….I’d put on up at the sale barn, but believe Ohio to SD would be a little far for some folks……………so I’ll just print off a copy or two and put ’em up on my tack room wall……………………..

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