Today’s doin’s!

Real nice day. Cool this morning, but not bad. Little to no wind. Beautiful fall day, but they claim we got some rain and snow coming this afternoon/evening and the wind is supposed to be gusting to 44 mph by midnight, then slowly dying down until tomorrow evening. Cindy is staying in town tonight in case the roads get bad. Guess I am bachin’. Oh well, I got some pork chops and steak defrosting! Looks like I won’t starve! 😉

Plugged in the tractor this morning (it was an “ether baby” and won’t start good unless it’s plugged in, even if the temps are warm) and moved some stuff around here. Took Buck with me and hauled garbage to the hole and then drove around down south looking at stuff. I seen one muley doe and a whitetail doe and that was about it for wildlife. I got the tractor started and then picked up some stuff and hauled it away and then this afternoon I dug a hole by hand as the post hole digger had a bent piece that when I tried to fix it, it REALLY got bent!

After lunch I caught and messed with the little Haflinger mares a bit and kept all of the Halfies in. Then I set a post after packing it from up here by the house on my shoulder ( made me think of Jesus, my how he suffered, as I am sure that cross must have weighed a lot more than this post and it was heavy. And I didn’t have to carry it nearly as far either!) I set it and then tied some poles up that were left over, so now there is a little more pole corral. I keep this up and I will use up all them old poles that have been “stored” around here for quite a few years.

I need to shower and then off to Mass.

Keep your hat pulled down!

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