Fall fun

I went with my neighbor to the west, up north to his brothers place to help them ship their calves. Got them gathered and sorted and then hauled the heifer calves up to the headquarters. The rest of the crew was gathering the big bunch and we didn’t help them. Then after unloading the horse trailers with the heifers we had a roll and coffee (pop for me) and then we went back and loaded the steer mates onto the truck and came home. Pretty cool and crisp up there this morning as you can tell by some of the clothes some were wearing. But no wind. Nice fall day.

3 thoughts on “Fall fun

  1. It is great how everyone tries to help everyone out. Looks a little nippy there! It has been just a tad chilly in the mornings. I love it when the weather is in the 40’s and 50’s during the day. Great pictures.

    1. Actually we was up BEFORE 0 dark :30! We had to drive an hour north and be there to start at a bit after 0 dark :30! 😉

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