Or as I affectionately refer to them, “mini terrorists”, are here. Gus and Sam. Their mother went on a few days trip with her aunt and sister so they will be here until Sunday night or Monday, depending on sanity (mine) or something coming up. There dad is too busy to keep them with him on the ranch he works at, so I was asked and in a weak moment said, “Yes”. Oh the folly of saying, yes!

We are in the process of burning wood for coals to cook on. Short ribs for me and the boys and chicken for Gramma.

Got Pal’s shoes reset today. We let hi go longer than we should but seem to be getting fair hoof growth. We took a lot off the toe so he’s a tad tender but I think we are on the right track. What do you think Corky? Poor picture maybe, but maybe you’ll get the idea. Are we headed in the right direction or totally screwing up? (All questions to Corky)

We shortened the toe back as much as we could also, towards the frog.

It was 25 degrees at 6 this morning. Tad chilly. Didn’t hurt the tomatoes in the green house but they are ripening slowly and the plants are drying up.

See Mom, I haven’t killed them!

Yet! 😉

It was a beautiful fall day. Rode Mijo and looked at the cattle and looked for a lost heifer. Didn’t find her. Maybe tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Grandkids

  1. Can you say, ADHD? Seriously, I thin k this is God’s way of payback to my parents who are probably laffing their butts off in Heaven right now, as we used to leave three of these little terrorist with them and go to town for a whole day, and my parents were in their 70’s!

  2. Those kids need a couple of pint sized air horns to keep you lively 😉 We try to keep as much heel on a horse as is “naturally” possible. My old Snick horse has lots but and he moves better if we leave the heel alone even though the horse shoer wants to trim it down.

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