When we took off.

I met Lyle at his corner and he and his horse jumped in with me and Buck. We got over to the Association and went with the feller who runs it and his wife and nephew and rode west into a small holding pasture and gathered. Cows weren’t real cooperative, but we finally managed to get them thru’ the gate and into the trap at the corrals and penned. We sorted the calves off the cows and waited for the owners and the truck and trailers. Got them loaded and then headed home. Got back about noon and Fr Tyler was here and he and his mother had made some home made spaghetti sauce from fresh tomatoes. It was great. Now, they are off fishing and I am hiding from the wind, but better go out after I post this and work on something outside. 😉

Here’s a few pictures from this morning. Click to embiginate and see them better.