Got another 6 loads in today. Bales weighing about 1100#. Got about 200 tn on hand now so I feel better about winter coming.

Cindy helped me swap the bucket on the loader from the wide bucket to the narrow bucket, so it was handier to handle the bales. When we got all done unloading the truck with the last load, she helped me switch back to the wider bucket and then I went and drove/pushed a pipe in the ground out by the corrals for a new corner post. I also moved some old cottonwood logs around out of the way and hauled them to the wood pile/windbreak.

Got my horses in and caught Mijo for tomorrow. Need to be about 35 miles east of here by 7 am to help a neighbor gather his cattle to ship his calves.

Worked Buck on the calves tonight and he is eager but a bit hesitant. He will come out of that with experience and probably another dog along to brave him up. He sure is a happy dog!

I cut some panels out of the old fence that was made of 4 foot wide wood by 44 feet long and hopefully tomorrow when I get back from helping the neighbor I can start making some dog pens in the old chicken house I use for a kennel. Might even get Gramma to help me a bit! πŸ˜‰

Got up in the 80’s again today. Supposed to stay like this until Thursday and then cooler, wetter weather on the way.