Pretty warm and muggy out there. Got some rain last night.

I went out and started working on replacing some old boards in the corral with poles. Went and picked up some old oak poles Dusty gave me years ago. they are in surprisingly good shape, for as long as they have lain around. Hope they don’t weaken when they are tested by cattle.

I got hot enough that I had to come in and cool down. I don’t know how the people in the southern parts of this country get anything done when it is hot and muggy like that.

Teri McTighe came down yesterday afternoon and took some really cool shots so she can do a painting or drawing for Tate and Kass in exchange for a small table Tate made. I am anxious to see what she comes up with. She will use some of the horse shots and others for other art work also, sounds like. Here are a few of my favorites she took. Please do not attempt to use or copy these without Teri’s express permission.