Cindy told me they had called and said the new one was in so I ran down to Rapid to get the it. She didn’t mention I was supposed to get an appointment!

I figured the guy was always there during the week, so imagine my chagrin when the lady at the front desk told me he wasn’t there. But she called him and he was coming back about 3:30 so I hung around town and did some odds and ends and managed to amuse myself and keep me busy until about 3:10. He showed up, got the new one set and tweeked on the old one and I can hear way too much out of both ears now!

I got some parts for my loader and priced new tires for Teddy. They ain’t cheap in case you haven’t checked lately! I got some ammo as Bob and Sue are coming the first of next week and we are going to plink, shoot and have fun burning gunpowder. The ammo wasn’t cheap either, but I am sure it is well worth the cost.

I got a new pair of heavy duty sharp scissors and will attempt to trim some of the huge wads of extra hair, Bob (the dog Bob, not the man, Bob) has. Wish me luck!

Supposed to be rainy the next few days.

The big leather show in Sheridan starts tomorrow. I’d like to go but really don’t need anything in that way bad enough to drive for a little over 4 hours out there. If someone else was and I could ride along I probably would, but haven’t heard of anyone going. Maybe a few of us will run over later this spring or summer. I can get anything I need at Sheridan Leather Outfitters anyway and they have always treated me good and have about as good of prices as anyone else and better than many or all, when you consider the quality. When I call and order something, it is usually here the next day. I’d recommend them to anyone needing anything in leather or leather supplies. If they don’t have it they can tell you the best place to get it.