Went down south this morning and went around the fence and patched up the bad spots. Not too many considering all the snow we had last winter. Then Cindy rode along and we went to Punkin Center and got mineral and salt for the cattle and had a new end put on the plug-in for my trailer. We ate at the Bull Creek Cafe and came home. Scattered the mineral and salt when we got back.

Planted on the garden this afternoon. Put a few tomato’s in the green house and planted half the radishes and some onions and beets and cilantro. Had to hoe all the ground as the weeds have been coming on and especially in the greenhouse, so evidently it works! The hoe had a broken handle and broke again when I went to using it so I was on me knees for most of it.

Forecast is calling for rain the next few days. May not get to brand on Friday and Saturday as planned. Only time will tell.