Got better than an inch as I write. Cool and a little wind. Went and fixed the rest of the perimeter fence down south this morning. And trimmed Bob. The scissors worked well. Only pinched him a couple times and once he found out it was fairly painless he laid there and took it well. He’s got just a little hair left around his tail and on top of his butt, but I think it’s got to feel better for him. Putted around and stayed out of the rain this afternoon and then went and met Cindy at Punkin Center and brought her home as she is worried about the gravel in the morning. Supposed to go brand tomorrow but bet we won’t as wet as it is, but haven’t gotten the official word yet that it is postponed. I worked on a new pattern for some spur straps this afternoon when we got home. Made a deal on some tires for the pickup. Re-caps. Should be ready in a week or so. Be an early morning in the morning as I will have to drive the missus back to her car at Punkin Center.

One thought on “Wet!

  1. We used to have an old English sheepdog Keeshond cross that we sheared every summer. She would then hide under the house for a few days in sheer embarrassment. lol

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