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Peaches and the new filly. Just for you Pixie! Now tell mommy she has to bring you out to see the ponies! ūüôā

And for you big people, check this out, baby boomers! And everyone else also. Old hippies are ruining our country!

An Amish farmer walking, notices a man drinking from his pond, with his hand. 

¬†The Amish man shouts: “Trink das wasser nicht. Die kuhen haben dahin¬†gesheissen.” Which means: “Don’t drink the water, the cows have pooped in¬†it.”¬†
¬†The man shouts back: “I’m from Chicago and just down here campaigning¬†for Obama, I can’t understand you. Please speak in English.”¬†
¬†The Amish man says: “Use two hands, you’ll get more.”


And another pony for Pixie. This is Jam and her filly Pinky.


“And, this is the point:¬†The Left is not just un-American. It HATES America.This truth is finally out in the open for all to see. They hate her freedoms. They hate her flag. They hate her military. They hate all she stands for. They despise us, the “trailerpark” crowd out here in flyover country, as rubes, hicks, and ignoramuses, “bitterly clinging to our guns and our God.” They condescend to us, they contemplate us with disdain. We are so far beneath their dignity we are not worth their sweat (except at election time, when they pander to us, drag hundred-dollar-bills through our trailer parks, and make all sorts of undignified advances to us in attempts to purchase our votes).
Why deliberately, with eyes wide open, go down the path of certain ruin of this country? What is there about America’s freedom that galls them so? Why does the Constitution become toilet paper in their hands? More than likely, it’s because these people are the same ignorant college kids of the Sixties, worshipping Che, marching around with fists upraised, and being led down the Socialist primrose path by a string of tenured college professors who never held honest jobs in their lives. Those traitors should be old enough to know better, but, at least now, we know where they went. They became the Leftist politicians, the political pundits, and the newspeople of today. They have undermined America in many ways, over a long period of time: Opinions, eductation–both primary and upper grades–through activist judges, and and political positions. They now wish only to turn the last free nation over to the failed experimention of the Marxist Utopianists.”


For the whole rant, go to


I just love this straight talking gramma!

This is Crackerjack.

These pictures got cut down. Dammit! Stupid blog that won’t put bigger pictures on!

Rode in to town with Kay yesterday. Left my Dodge at Cenex to get oil changed and have them put the chip in. Kay works same place as Cindy, on the next shift, so her husband and I trade rides with each others wives quite a lot. Pretty handy.

We went to Spearfish and picked up a part for the stove and I got my new guitar. Morgan Monroe. Got the electricity in it so I can plug in at gigs instead of using a mic or putting the snap-in in. Plays nice and sounds good, for not a lot of money. It’s a cut away so maybe I’ll get good and learn to play way down the neck like Chance does!

Yeah, right!

All the creeks and the river were running bank full. This is sure a wet ol’ country this spring. I love it! Praise the Lord for the rain!

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Matter of fact, save that sight to your favorites and check it out everyday.

IOr come here and get it off my blogroll.

This made me think about Mom this wet morning.

My mother was born in 1914 to a large family. Her father was a Baptist preacher who went around and built churches. Literally.There are pictures of him and some of mom’s brothers building the old baptist church that sets at Union Center now. It was built at Chalk Butte.

He died when mom was 7. Her older brothers moved home to help care for their mother and two smaller boys and three young girls. They built the road between Sturgis and Deadwood. With teams of horses and slips and fresno’s.

Mom talked of stirring potato’s to feed the men in a pan so large she couldn’t move it, but she could stand on a chair and stir them. Washing white shirts and boiling them so her brothers had a clean white shirt to wear everyday.

Later when she was a young teenager, she cleaned houses for the officers at Ft Meade

When I told her she should write her history down she always said, “Why, I never did anything special!”

Nope, not to some people I suppose. Just lived thru some of the toughest times in history in this country.

I still miss her.

Mom would have been 94 today.

Another wild and windy one. Been doing a lot of this lately.

Went to a  branding today. 84 or 85 year old feller and he roped and drug some of the calves out himself. Hope I can do that at that age if I am still around! Went up close to Sturgis yesterday and helped a feller sort pairs and ship them to summer grass. Rode enough to make my butt sore!

We are supposed to brand on Monday. Pictures to be posted at a later date. ūüôā

If you live in this country I guess you shouldn’t cuss the wind cuz it blows a lot, but it seems to be on overtime this spring and in high gear too! ¬†Cindy and I drove the pickup to Rapid to do some business and then pick her up a couple of fruit trees to plant. We dropped her lawn mower off at Cenex to get the oil changed and make it run (I am not mechanicly inclined. I can’t even spell mechanic!) I got a chip from my Cummins. Now I need to find some smart guy to hook it up for me. Hope it improves the mileage. I got 30 days to find out I guess.


Go help a feller sort pairs tomorrow and a branding the next day. Then maybe I can fix some fence and move some yearlings around here. We will brand a week from today. Oh joy! I like everybody’s branding but mine. Too much to think about.


Hope the wind don’t blow too hard tomorrow. Cows don’t sort worth a damn in the wind.