One thought on “Stupid Congress

  1. Those were great, JB. Why is this so hard for the politicians to compute? They have allowed the Liberals to stop us from avoiding this huge energy crisis. Back when Carter was President, they called it a crisis when it wasn’t one and now they have refused to let the greatest country in the world do what it needs to do to supply its people with the energy we need. France and Italy are going full bore to develop more nuclear energy. We have allowed hysterics to keep us from doing the same thing. Nuclear is a clean energy source, but the whackos fear it so that’s off the table. The only thing they will agree on is conservation, ie., we stop using energy, wind, which kills lots of birds, and solar. None of those can keep pace with the demand for energy. We need the government whores to get out of the way and turn the engine of free market ingenuity loose.

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