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Got the first of the yearlings in today. Mostly heifers to breed, but one load of steers also. I went to CRS and got some salt and iodine as they have been fighting the eyes on some of them I guess. Fixed some fence this afternoon. I am supposed to go to a branding tomorrow, but it is raining now and maybe it will rain us out tomorrow. I hope so! We need more rain and we got lots of time to brand calves.

Went to a branding today. Frankie hogged with me this morning and I got him rode. Wasn’t too big of a deal, but made an old fat man feel good to not fall off!

The new foal is a filly. I am going to call her Pinky!

Another branding tomorrow.


Oh and go check out this, for more about the ANWAR debate.

That dang stud was busy last spring when he got out! Found this cute little rascal this morning.

Snow melted quit a little today. Cattle are enjoying the open ground with the green grass!

This is the best part of this deal, all the water!


Spring! Gotta love it!

2.5 inches in the rain gauge and you know a lot of the snow didn’t get in there. Great moisture. Praise the Lord!


And for those wondering about the cost and price of gas and diesel check this out.

Ain’t had one of these for a long time. Over an inch of rain and at least 10 inches of wet, wet snow. Good for this dry ol’ country. Somewhat of a pain to take care of the animals in tho’. Blew the motor in my tractor. Good thing I have a 4 wheel drive and my team!

This will sure make the grass grow!

Looking out the front door on the east of the house. Looking to the north east.


If we all would send a copy of this to out Representatives in Washington and to the three who are running for President, telling them we agree, we might get something done.