We need more windmills

If you live in this country I guess you shouldn’t cuss the wind cuz it blows a lot, but it seems to be on overtime this spring and in high gear too!  Cindy and I drove the pickup to Rapid to do some business and then pick her up a couple of fruit trees to plant. We dropped her lawn mower off at Cenex to get the oil changed and make it run (I am not mechanicly inclined. I can’t even spell mechanic!) I got a chip from my Cummins. Now I need to find some smart guy to hook it up for me. Hope it improves the mileage. I got 30 days to find out I guess.


Go help a feller sort pairs tomorrow and a branding the next day. Then maybe I can fix some fence and move some yearlings around here. We will brand a week from today. Oh joy! I like everybody’s branding but mine. Too much to think about.


Hope the wind don’t blow too hard tomorrow. Cows don’t sort worth a damn in the wind.

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