Check it out.

“And, this is the point: The Left is not just un-American. It HATES America.This truth is finally out in the open for all to see. They hate her freedoms. They hate her flag. They hate her military. They hate all she stands for. They despise us, the “trailerpark” crowd out here in flyover country, as rubes, hicks, and ignoramuses, “bitterly clinging to our guns and our God.” They condescend to us, they contemplate us with disdain. We are so far beneath their dignity we are not worth their sweat (except at election time, when they pander to us, drag hundred-dollar-bills through our trailer parks, and make all sorts of undignified advances to us in attempts to purchase our votes).
Why deliberately, with eyes wide open, go down the path of certain ruin of this country? What is there about America’s freedom that galls them so? Why does the Constitution become toilet paper in their hands? More than likely, it’s because these people are the same ignorant college kids of the Sixties, worshipping Che, marching around with fists upraised, and being led down the Socialist primrose path by a string of tenured college professors who never held honest jobs in their lives. Those traitors should be old enough to know better, but, at least now, we know where they went. They became the Leftist politicians, the political pundits, and the newspeople of today. They have undermined America in many ways, over a long period of time: Opinions, eductation–both primary and upper grades–through activist judges, and and political positions. They now wish only to turn the last free nation over to the failed experimention of the Marxist Utopianists.”


For the whole rant, go to


I just love this straight talking gramma!

One thought on “Check it out.

  1. Wow, that was from a gramma?!
    I finally just visited your blog…I’ve seen you over on Linda’s at Just Another Day on the Prairie all the time. Now I have some catching up to do!

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