This made me think about Mom this wet morning.

My mother was born in 1914 to a large family. Her father was a Baptist preacher who went around and built churches. Literally.There are pictures of him and some of mom’s brothers building the old baptist church that sets at Union Center now. It was built at Chalk Butte.

He died when mom was 7. Her older brothers moved home to help care for their mother and two smaller boys and three young girls. They built the road between Sturgis and Deadwood. With teams of horses and slips and fresno’s.

Mom talked of stirring potato’s to feed the men in a pan so large she couldn’t move it, but she could stand on a chair and stir them. Washing white shirts and boiling them so her brothers had a clean white shirt to wear everyday.

Later when she was a young teenager, she cleaned houses for the officers at Ft Meade

When I told her she should write her history down she always said, “Why, I never did anything special!”

Nope, not to some people I suppose. Just lived thru some of the toughest times in history in this country.

I still miss her.