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Well, I’m pretty happy. We go another .80 of rain today. Rain is wonderful.


I got another anonymous email in response to one of these postings. PAY ATTENTION, MORON. If you are such a cowardly chickenshited, no guts, loser, asshole that you can’t respond with either a valid email or a real name, you won’t get posted on here! Comprehende, idioto?


Some times I just get cranky I guess. 🙂

Oh well, we got more rain and that is wonderful. Life is good.

Hope your having a good day.

Rain, green grass and babies has been the nature of things around here for the last week or so.

This little guy was born about a week and a half ago.

This little girl was born this morning. I almost got to see her born. If a neighbor hadn’t of come and had me do some leather repair, I would have. Oh well, there will be more in the future. 🙂

And this is what it looked like for several different days around here. I just love rain!

Hopefully the rain will continue. We live and die by the moisture we get. Our average is 16 inches per year. We have been having mild winters with little to no snowfall for some time now, so our water holes are dry or close to it. It has to rain hard for quite awhile to fill dams and waterholes, but with snow, it will drift into the draws and creeks and then in the spring when it melts it runs right into the water holes and dams. We have enough wells and waterlines now, that we can get by without the water in the dams and holes, but it’s still nice to see them full and the ranchers west of us have to have runoff to fill their dams as they have to dig 3,500 feet down to maybe get water. Very costly!

That part of the country had heavy hail and rain last night so maybe they got their waterholes full. I hope so. Those who had the grass beaten down by the hail will probably not suffer too bad, as it will likely grow right back and maybe be better than it was before the rain and hail storm.

We got about .45 of an inch of rain.

We have a good start to our grass, but we will need more rain to make it keep growing.

Oh well, my family has survived in this country for over a hundred years, so we have seen wet and we have seen dry.

But wet sure is more fun!

Green grass and babies are sure hard to beat, ain’t they?

Hope your having a good spring. 🙂

Tyler and I went to Rapid last night to a Sierra Club meeting. There was a presentation on Prairiedogs, wildlife and cows.

Pretty interesting, but I didn’t quite believe all the conclusions. They tested a very small area, in contrast to all of the land that prairiedogs are on. They are mainly wanting prairiedogs, so they can keep blackfooted ferrets. That’s cool, but they tend to let their prairiedog population run over, off from state and federal ground, to private ground and then it becomes a private property issue.

One of the points was, that there is more total forage on ground that has both prairiedogs and cows, than where there is only one or the other. Sounds logical.

One point I disagree’d with was when they cited a case where they cut back cow numbers by fifty percent and they claimed that within 3 years calves went from 300 pound weaning weights to 600 pound weaning weights. Sure might have happened, but it wasn’t just from increased forage. Those ranchers weren’t too dumb. When they cut their cow numbers they just started running larger cattle which weaned off heaver calves. Still pretty much the same forage utilized, but with fewer, larger cows.

I don’t care who you are, you don’t go from weaning off 300 pound calves to 600 pound calves, with no change in your breed type and/or size of cattle.

It was a pretty interesting presentation. I just wish that the treehugger groups would just come out in the open and state what they really want. No one on the land making a living, so that they and their friends can walk around and enjoy nature and not have to deal with cow poop on their shoes. LOL

Only problem is they don’t want anyone to take any of their land to do so. It’s kind of a “whats good for me isn’t necessarily good for you”, type of deal.

Selfish little rascals.

I wonder how they would feel if someone confiscated their house or place of business, with little or no pay, for the “good of the majority”?

I kind’a think they wouldn’t like it.

Ain’t it funny, they want to move all the ranchers off the land to save it, yet they are the same people who want to build all their houses in prime real estate that is the most beneficial to wildlife?

I think it’s time some of them learned that if it wasn’t for the practices most ranchers have done with tree plantings and water development, there wouldn’t be nearly as much wildlife now.

Oh and remember, it was Scotty Phillips, a rancher, who saved the buffalo from extinction.

As I set here this morning, I think of mothers and my mother, especially.

Mom was born in 1914 and lost her father when she was 7 years old. She had two little sisters and a little brother and 7 older siblings. She was the last survivor of 11 children. She hated that. She always said, “I can’t believe I am the last one to go.”
I used to tease her that she didn’t have a choice.

Her family meant so much to her, but then, they had gone thru’ so much. They helped each other out, whenever one needed help. When her father died, her older brothers moved back home and cared for their mother and siblings.

Mom died when she was a few weeks short of her 90th birthday. We’d had a big party planned for her. I’m sure she had one when she was rejoined with her brothers and sisters.

It’s to bad that most of us won’t realize just what our mothers went thru’ for most of us, until we are much older and either have a wife who is a mother, or become a mother ourselves.

Happy Mothers day to all the mothers out there.

Thanks mom.


Been kind’a busy, what with branding’s and stuff. The big news is……..(drumroll)…………..WE GOT RAIN!

Yup, you heard me, rain. Around 2 inches. This ol’ country looks brand new. Green and the grass is really going to start growing now.

That makes it around 5 inches for the year, so far. We will need some more, but this is a hell of a good start.

Been going to branding’s. Cindy got new carpet in the living room yesterday and she and Tyler (when he’s been out to visit) have been painting. Tate brought out a lawn mower and he mowed the grass around the house. Damn! I hate when they do that, as now, Cindy is going to want to keep it that way!

My system of grazing the grass with cows or horses was much more efficient and did not add to global warming!

Took some pictures while we were out looking around last night.
This little heifer showed up the other day. Ain’t she cute?

Here’s one of Mijo, out stallion. He has to wait until the middle of June to get to go back to run with his girls. We won’t run him with the young fillies this year. Just the older mares he was with last year.

If any of you reading this have any time to talk to your Senator or Representative, please urge them not to pass the bill they are trying to pass, about the horse slaughter plant ban. This bill, if passed, is going to cause more suffering and grief and starving horses, than letting the slaughter horse plants stay open for business. There have been reports of people turning horses loose, because there is no market for them and they can’t afford to have them euthanized and they can’t afford to feed them, so they just take them to a park or out in the mountains and turn them loose.

There are starving horses showing up in Kentucky and California, because of this.

I don’t like having horses slaughtered, but I can afford to put my old horses or my crippled horses down and leave them or bury them on our ranch. Those who live in suburban areas can not do this. And when they turn these horses loose to fend for themselves, they are not doing them any favors. It is like turning dogs and cats loose in the city. Survival of the fittest and it’s not very pretty!

The bill they are trying to pass, would outlaw the sale or transportation of any horse destined to go to a slaughter plant here in the US or outside of the US to Canada or Mexico or anywhere else there is a slaughter plant.

It is not a good bill and would cause much more suffering than what we have now.

Horse slaughter plants end the horses lives humanely. They do not suffer. If there is any suffering, it would be while the horses are thrown together before and during transport to the slaughter plant site. This will happen when the horses are turned loose to fend for themselves, also. Only worse, because there will be no humans to watch over and protect the old, sick and young.

I hate to get on a soapbox, but I love horses and hate to see them suffer, like they will if this law is passed.

We passed a similar law years ago that said we couldn’t slaughter “wild” horses or “mustangs” as they are referred to. Now we have too many, running on too little land, and we are paying to capture, ship and feed these feral horses in feedlots, until they die of old age. It would be more humane to put them down with a quick, and painless bullet than to subject them to the small confinement that they are putting them in now. They fight to establish dominance and unlike in the wide open, can’t defend themselves as well or run away from another stronger horse, as they do in the wild or a large pasture situation.

When people who don’t understand animals and how they live and interact, pass and try to pass laws like this, it is a disservice to the very animal they are trying to “help”.

Leave it to those who deal with them on a day to day basis and they will be much better off.

Sorry to get on my soapbox, but this is a bad law and will cause so much suffering. Similar to taking your child to a school where there are no adults to watch over and protect those who are smaller and younger, from the bigger and meaner children.

9 pm. I have had several comments on this posting by an anonymous posters. Just so you all know, I will not publish them if you will not leave a name or email address. I refuse to debate with cowards who send emails, but won’t leave a way to respond to them.

If you have a problem with horse slaughter, that is fine. I think it is still better than what will happen to all of the poor horses who will be turned out to fend for themselves, or made to starve, because their owners can not afford to feed them. Right now we have 100,000 horses a year that need to be put down or slaughtered. After they are dead they don’t care what happens to them. They feel no pain. If you remove a way for those who need to to make enough money so as to put them to a merciful end, you do the horses no service.

No one loves horses more than me, but I have lived around them all my life and there are some horses who are a danger to themselves and all other horses and people around them. Those who have watched too many Disney movies, need to wake up to the facts of real life. Horses are large animals and can hurt and kill people and will do so if they are cornered or trapped and you take away their means of survival, flight.

Don’t lecture me about horses until you have lived thru’ the same experiences I have.

And if you want to end horse slaughter, do it right and come up with a way to put the horses destined for slaughter to good use or find them care and feed for the rest of their natural born lives. Like I do. They are not cats or dogs.

It’s pretty easy to stand back and condemn those who have to sell horses for slaughter. If you don’t like it, buy those horses and take care of them.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like that we have slaughter plants for horses either, but I am a realist and don’t believe I have the right to tell someone else what they can or can’t do with their property. And when you places horses in a category other than property or a tool, you do them and all of us a disservice.

The bible said that God gave dominion over all to man. We are to use our resources wisely, humanely and efficiently.

If anyone thinks there are cases of abuse in the slaughter of horses, work on getting that fixed. Don’t just ban a way to mercifully end a poor worn out horses life and send him out to starve a slow and horrible death.

I’ve seen horses who were starved. It is intolerable.

I worked at a salebarn where they had monthly horse sales. I know that there can be abuse, but as long as we stand mute and do nothing about it, it will continue.

In the same token, I’ve seen what one horse can do to another, running free. It’s not pretty.

I’ve had a stallion try to attack me and my saddle horse. It wasn’t fun.

I have lived around and cared for horses all my life. Have you? Do you really know anything about horses or are you just spouting off from some video you have seen?

Get real.

If you wish to debate, put a valid email address or name to your replies. Quit hiding in the shadows and taking shots at those who deal with these matters on a day to day basis.