Friday 5/18/07

Tyler and I went to Rapid last night to a Sierra Club meeting. There was a presentation on Prairiedogs, wildlife and cows.

Pretty interesting, but I didn’t quite believe all the conclusions. They tested a very small area, in contrast to all of the land that prairiedogs are on. They are mainly wanting prairiedogs, so they can keep blackfooted ferrets. That’s cool, but they tend to let their prairiedog population run over, off from state and federal ground, to private ground and then it becomes a private property issue.

One of the points was, that there is more total forage on ground that has both prairiedogs and cows, than where there is only one or the other. Sounds logical.

One point I disagree’d with was when they cited a case where they cut back cow numbers by fifty percent and they claimed that within 3 years calves went from 300 pound weaning weights to 600 pound weaning weights. Sure might have happened, but it wasn’t just from increased forage. Those ranchers weren’t too dumb. When they cut their cow numbers they just started running larger cattle which weaned off heaver calves. Still pretty much the same forage utilized, but with fewer, larger cows.

I don’t care who you are, you don’t go from weaning off 300 pound calves to 600 pound calves, with no change in your breed type and/or size of cattle.

It was a pretty interesting presentation. I just wish that the treehugger groups would just come out in the open and state what they really want. No one on the land making a living, so that they and their friends can walk around and enjoy nature and not have to deal with cow poop on their shoes. LOL

Only problem is they don’t want anyone to take any of their land to do so. It’s kind of a “whats good for me isn’t necessarily good for you”, type of deal.

Selfish little rascals.

I wonder how they would feel if someone confiscated their house or place of business, with little or no pay, for the “good of the majority”?

I kind’a think they wouldn’t like it.

Ain’t it funny, they want to move all the ranchers off the land to save it, yet they are the same people who want to build all their houses in prime real estate that is the most beneficial to wildlife?

I think it’s time some of them learned that if it wasn’t for the practices most ranchers have done with tree plantings and water development, there wouldn’t be nearly as much wildlife now.

Oh and remember, it was Scotty Phillips, a rancher, who saved the buffalo from extinction.

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