Tuesday 5/29/07

Rain, green grass and babies has been the nature of things around here for the last week or so.

This little guy was born about a week and a half ago.

This little girl was born this morning. I almost got to see her born. If a neighbor hadn’t of come and had me do some leather repair, I would have. Oh well, there will be more in the future. 🙂

And this is what it looked like for several different days around here. I just love rain!

Hopefully the rain will continue. We live and die by the moisture we get. Our average is 16 inches per year. We have been having mild winters with little to no snowfall for some time now, so our water holes are dry or close to it. It has to rain hard for quite awhile to fill dams and waterholes, but with snow, it will drift into the draws and creeks and then in the spring when it melts it runs right into the water holes and dams. We have enough wells and waterlines now, that we can get by without the water in the dams and holes, but it’s still nice to see them full and the ranchers west of us have to have runoff to fill their dams as they have to dig 3,500 feet down to maybe get water. Very costly!

That part of the country had heavy hail and rain last night so maybe they got their waterholes full. I hope so. Those who had the grass beaten down by the hail will probably not suffer too bad, as it will likely grow right back and maybe be better than it was before the rain and hail storm.

We got about .45 of an inch of rain.

We have a good start to our grass, but we will need more rain to make it keep growing.

Oh well, my family has survived in this country for over a hundred years, so we have seen wet and we have seen dry.

But wet sure is more fun!

Green grass and babies are sure hard to beat, ain’t they?

Hope your having a good spring. 🙂

One thought on “Tuesday 5/29/07

  1. I have to say I have heard all week about “Uncle Bob–he has Ponies” … “he said I could ride” When Madison saw the pictures of the new baby….She was thrilled and thinks the baby is cute!!!. Waiting till Next month to visit…may as well be forever for her.

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