That is what today represents for me…. 55, double nickles…because by the standard calender, that is what I turn today… 55. Who would have guessed? πŸ™‚

Part of me is shocked to realize I have walked this earth for the past 54 years…I was sure I’d be dead now and Lord knows there have been a few incidents in the past where it came pretty close…. a man could almost get cocky and think he was never going to die!

I suppose I should be a year wiser at this point from last year at this time…but for the life of me and I can not think of one single thing I learned this past year, that was a new revelation, on something, tho’ I am sure I did…

All in all, I feel pretty lucky. I have a wonderful wife, 3 sons I am very proud of and two daughter in laws who I would pick to be daughters if I was given the choice and 7 wonderful grand children who delight me on a constant basis…

I look forward to a wonderful year and I guess the one thing i do think I have learned or at least came to a better understanding in the past year or years, is to quit worrying about the little things that I do not really have any control over. We had the driest year on record this past year and I could worry it will be as bad or worse next year, but I will let the Good Lord worry about that. Seems like we made it thru’ this one and all the ones in the past. Soooo… I guess I shall just do my best to enjoy this life… I am going to try and let tomorrow take care of it’s self, while doing my best to plan for the eventualities that will come and be prepared as best I can…and if I die today, Hell, I go out a winner!

17 thoughts on “55

    1. Happy birthday from eastriver,I dont miss any of your stories,enjoy them all. Also enjoy fathers stories his trip to mexico sounds fun.My wifes birthday is today also 65 today. happy birthday from Carl and Linda

  1. I did wish you a Happy Birthday on facebook, but I will also you a belated birthday on your blog. So, Happy Birthday! Your only three years older than the hubby. Hope you had a wonderful day!

  2. Happy birthday JingleBob! Great attitude in what you wrote…oh if we could just live each day accordingly and always put things in HIS hands!

  3. Love your attitude in life! Figured out all these years I have been here, if I worry too much about all the bad and challenging things, I will miss the good things that are right out there for me to embrace & enjoy!
    Have an amazing day!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday. I do enjoy your blog, just don’t get to it everyday. Stay warm and dry, and take good care of those cows.

  5. Belated Happy Birthday! It is wonderful to be able to count your blessings and realise what’ve you’ve been blessed in life with, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

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