I had some today. Sam and Gramma went along to feed with the team as it was such a beautiful day. No breeze to speak of and around 30. supposed to get a couple of 40 degree days the next few. We’ll see, seeing as the wind is going to howl tomorrow, I guess you could say it’s a Chinook…probably make some ice. glad I got the team shod. Hope and Sam went to town later this morning and left the mean little blond girl with us. Her and Gramma watched a movie until nap time. Then I went and got Gus off the bus and he and i took the team and flatbed up the creek and got a tank for bean and a couple mineral barrels. Gus rode in the calf sled behind the wagon. The tongue got a bad spot crossing the creek so when we got home, we started the tractor and got it out of the way in the shed and pushed/pulled the wagon in and I welded on it. I may feed with the tractor tomorrow and see if the bale unroller on it will work. I need to get some new ears welded on that stick out farther as this tractor has bigger tires and the 3 point arms don’t set back as far and the unroller want’s to rub on the tires if you raise it too high…I found some chains for it and Hope has to go to town tomorrow so she can pick them up for me…here is a poor photo of the new tractor


5 thoughts on “Help….

  1. Spent many an hour in the same or similar. I remember enough about Case tractors from that era to guess that it’s a ’73 or older, since they went all white in ’74, and just from the looks it is a 970 or 1070 – if it has the powershift, or a 975 or 1075 if it does not. Could be an 1170 if it’s turboed?

    That was really a pretty far out design for it’s day – the integrated ROPS with the modular looking cab just looked cool to me. Still does.

  2. I had the tractor wrong, we have a 730! My brain has become mush since going to school 😉 You even have a cab, lucky you! Both of our tractors don’t! Our little Ford does but we still have to get new tires for that one before we do too much with it.

  3. Don’t need the cab, but it’s kind of nice when the wind is howling, like it is supposed to do today,. gust to 50 something…..970, syncro shift….

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