I’m ready…

For the thaw… Laramie came and shod the team today. so now it can get warm which will cause the snow to melt, but eventually it will freeze and leave ice, but I don’t give a dang now….

Sam and Gus went with me to feed today, then when we got done me and the team pulled them around on their runner sled until the rope broke… so I guess I will have to fix that….

Was real nice today, no breeze to speak of, up to or over 30. Cooled off quick this evening tho’….

May have the new to me tractor coming in tomorrow…

8 thoughts on “I’m ready…

  1. So glad I found your blog. My husband is the great-great grandson of John and Ona Timmons. Just fascinating!

    1. Well that is cool! I remember Ruth, John and Ona’s daughter.Always wanted to meet up with that side of the family so if your ever in the area, plrase let me know.

  2. We will do that! I have been researching the Dennis side of his family, and have found some very interesting stuff out. We live out by Gettysburg, and next time we head to the Hills (which is not very often), we will be sure and stop by.

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