Left about 5:30 to go help Eric and Robert and Glen ship their calves. Me and Rick and Lyle. Met up with Pam and Rick at the Associations headquarters, and rode out. After got them penned, split, sexed and loaded we drove down to the 2 Dot corrals and drove two of Ricks bulls into the corral, loaded the horses in the front of Ricks trailer and the 2 bulls in the back and headed hme. Stopped at Enning and Lyle bought the soft drinks. Thanks Lyle… Rick stayed and ate dinner with us and then this afternoon I ran over to Punkin’ center and got some horse feed and priced some feed. Got home and was on and off the phone with Chance discussing wintering strategies…. I downloaded the new photo’s using IPhoto’s and once I got on to it, it’s purty handy. Now to see if I can load them on this page. If I am successful, this is from this morning…

Had to drag the pictures out of IPhoto and put them on the desktop and then uplaod them. I guess that will work! Sure was a nice day. Cool, in the mornin’ and then warm this afternoon. Not much of a breeze. Supposed to get colder and a chance for showers and maybe a little snow with high winds. Whoopeee! šŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Shipping

  1. Snow wow out here on the coast we are the hottest we have been all year right not. Yesterday wasn’t bad yesterday about 96 depending how far from the coast you are.

  2. Gidday Rob

    Nice cattle but mighty dry looking country, do you need rain (before the snow) to get some late growth, or are you done growing any feed till spring??

    1. Hi Foster. Good to hear from you. Yes, if we could get some fall moisture, all of the cool season grass’s would take off and help the winter grazing a bunch. So far, little has fell. Driest year I have seen in 54 years. Just the cooler weather helps tho’…

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