This weekend

I drove to Philip Saturday morning and met u with Ken and then we headed over to Ft Pierre. they had a nice set up at the Stanley County fairgrounds, I guess they call it the Exposition Center now… We both performed that afternoon and then a group of us headed out to the Cattlemen’s Club east of Pierre a few miles. One of the best steaks I have ever had! They gave us gift cards for performing and then we had tickets to the Don Edwards show that evening. I had not heard Don sing 97 at Elko. He’s aged, but you never know it to watch him play and sing. We went back to the motel, had a good BS session and to bed. Got up Sunday morning, met up and had breakfast with Slim and Darlene and headed back home. I think I got here about noon. Took a short nap and then when Cindy got home, we headed up to Spearfish. Met Chance and Hope and kids and went to Mass. Got to see Fr Tyler for just a minute, went and ate and came home and got to bed about 9. Good weekend and the next one coming up at Hot Springs should as much fun and maybe more, if that is possible. Met some new friends and hope to see them this weekend!

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