Goodbye, Kelvin

Later I will take Kelvin o the airport. We had a last breakfast of bacon, eggs and fresh tomato’s. Then we drove out to look at the pairs. While we were working the calves yesterdays the horses that were out in the pasture all came running up, in the wrong pasture, so this morning we drove out to see how they got there. Someone knocked a gate down and they came in to get a drink. Waterholes in these pastures are just mud holes now so they need to drink at the tank at the corrals. Calves appear to have survived their ordeal, but they are moving pretty slow. A few of the steer calves have some swollen bags, but nothing to worry about yet. I will check on them again tomorrow. Starting to warm a little with a nice breeze out of the northwest.

Here’s a few pictures from yesterday, Kelvin and I took with my camera.

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