Shipped the yearling steers we pastured this summer, on Sunday., Had Cliff, Robert and Jim help. Good crew and it went smooth. Loaded them on trucks about 1:30. Fr Tyler came home Sunday night so he and I drove up to Faith and took a horse along that Keith is taking back home. We got there a little before noon, ate a bite and waited for the cattle to sell. And waited. then we waited some more. Seems like they came thru’ awful slow. Never sold until about 5:30. But they weighed what the buyers were paying the most for, a bit over 800 pounds, and they sold well. Keith was happy. When we got home, Cindy’s sister Cathy was here. they had been making new curtains for the kitchen. We started a fire and cooked up some steaks over the coals and visited until too late. Curtains are made from burlap and look good. Fit the old barn wood in the cabinets and counters. Eventually, this kitchen is going to look pretty cool. 🙂

Hot and some wind yesterday. Flies and heat were terrible in the sale barn.

I rode Mijo up west looking at cattle Saturday and he had a slight limp on Sunday, but I rode him anyway. He was not limping when we got done. Then yesterday when I ran them in to catch Keith’s horse, he was slightly limping. I checked his feet and legs and couldn’t find anything really wrong, but i guess he gets time off until he is moving sound and I will keep watching him.