14 thoughts on “saddle

    1. Mike it is comfortable to ride but I am not liking how it fit my favorite horse I ride, with that full double rigging. I could cinch up slightly different and it would be fine. Several others rode it and remarked on how comfortable it was…

  1. Looks like it would fit right into a museum, except that museum pieces are always somewhat beat up and tattered. I’ve often thought we show our kids old things in museums that probably give them idea that folks back when only had beat up stuff. Showing something like this would represent the fact that they often started out with a new item, not all old ones.

    1. Yes Sharon, I agree. And as friend pointed out, this would have looked new, when it was new, way back when….but for the effect wanted by thew Artist who paint the pictures they take of us at the Artist Ride, they want every thing to look old and worn…. it looked good. They seemed to like it.

  2. Pretty nice! I find that most of the old saddles don’t fit today’s horses; I had one I wanted to restore and when I stripped it down, the only horse the tree would fit was a yearling.

    1. Shirley, you are correct as the old saddle were made to fit a different type of horse. This one is built on a modern tree that does fit our horses. It just looks old….it isn’t…

  3. Saw the “Cowboy Poetry” feature in South Dakota Magazine. Very cool! I was surprised to find out that you are a “blogger.” Hope to see you in Valentine in October.

  4. Looks good. The antiquing looks good. To be more authentic, it would have to have surface cracks on the leather!!!!

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