Further adventures…

Kelvin and I had to make a trip south to pick up some stirrups to fix for a man I sold them to some time back. the cleat in the bottom had come out on one. He sent them with a neighbor to the south so we ran down and picked them up, then came back and fixed them. Ran over to Delbert’s to borrow his long range vaccine gun, then took the fixed stirrups to Punkin’ Center and dropped them off, left the car to get the brakes worked on while we ate lunch, then back home and doctored a bull then saddled up and rode south and doctored a yearling and looked around for grass and problems. Now we will eat supper and then back to leatherwork. Got warmer, but breezy. Cold is still here. Anyone want it?

2 thoughts on “Further adventures…

  1. I meant to tell you that the leathers you sent me for my saddle were perfect and it was nice to use leather rather than webbing!

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