We trailed cattle today. Gabe done real good. Cool when we started and never got real warm, but the calves and cows got hot and tired and we rested them twice and had a hard push the last couple miles to the pasture. Had to travel along side a tarred hiway for about half the distance and there sure are some rude people who won’t slow down for cattle and riders! Wish I’d of packed my pistol, I might have used some tires for target practice! Most were good and slowed down and waited on us when we had to be on the hiway.

Just as we turned into the pasture, off the hiway, the heavens opened up and it rained! And the wind blew! Gabe got in a wreck with Beaver and handled it real well. I believe that boy might make a hand!

We paired cows and calves on a knob in the wind and rain and close by lightning and it was pretty western deal, but we endeavored to preserver and by golly we did! First time I ever paired out backwards, as our horses didn’t want to face into it and I couldn’t see for the stinging rain and the wet glasses anyway! I couldn’t have got wetter if you had thrown buckets of water on me from four sides, all at once! I didn’t take a slicker as Gabe didn’t have one and I didn’t think that was fair for me to have one and him not to. I won’t make that mistake again! 😉