Went to a branding yesterday over west about 40 miles. Then off to a funeral for my daughter in laws mother, today. We brought Gabe home with us and we are going to help a neighbor trail cattle tomorrow.

Dry and hot and we got a little storm today with some lightening evidently as there were two fires south of us. Kind of scary when lightening can start a fire, this time of year. We need rain! Been hot and windy….

6 thoughts on “Been….

    1. No Lee, just on the eastern edge of the Black Hills right close to the Belle Fourche river….

  1. I enjoyed the photos! Dry here too..we need rain so if you get some send it east and north. We are sure to have forest fires soon if the weather doesn’t can keep the wind down there:)

  2. You must be in Butte or Meade County, judging by Bear Butte in that photo. It’s great country out there. Do you think oil or uranium mining is going to come that way?

    1. Meade, almost Butte or just the southern end in the photo’s. Yup, oil is coming this way as we are setting on it. They are just waiting for the infrastructure/cost to work out. Not sure I want to see it, but then, we need it so why not get it? I don’t mind the drilling, just the influx of people who don’t know our customs in this area. Like how to actually drive on a gravel road and how to slow down in areas where folks are moving livestock with small children along. Our kids work alongside of us. Of course, to them it is play…. maybe to some of us old farts too!

      They have looked for uranium several times on our ranch. They have it north west and south west of us. Not sure about that, but don’t think they will bother here unless we really need a lot as I think there is more and easier to get at in other area’s.

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