Got the chores done and then ran over to Punkin Center, horse trailer in tow. I had a flat on the cart so dropped the tire off and met Casey and Rooster for lunch, then we went over to Franks old place and worked some cattle. Mijo is so fat and frisky I can’t hardly stand him! We sported the calves from the young cows and after working the cows, we caught the calves and gave them an over eating shot. Kyle had shown up by then so Rooster and I and eventually Casey would rope a calf and lead him thru’ the gate and Kyle would give them a shot. It worked slick. We kept trying to trade off with Kyle but he was happy at his job he said. Oh well, that will learn him to show up with out a horse. šŸ™‚

We then gathered some other cattle and worked them. Got done just as the wind came up. I scurried home, after stopping to fuel up and get my repaired tire and put it back on when I got home. Cindy and I drove out thru’ the drop bunch and then I came in the house and took a quick shower and went back over to Punkin Center, as CRS was hosting a speaker and feeding us a steak supper. The speaker’s name was Gary Sides, a rep for company that makes products for our industry and of course was trying to sell us on buying the products of the company he works for, tho’ he sure didn’t run down the competition much, just showed us how his stuff worked better and that was fine, but then he started showing slides of all the different “studies” that the media have been hyping for the past 20 to 40 years, about food. Remember all them “studies” where they kept trying to tell us beef and milk and fat of any kind was bad for us? Oh yeah, and salt? Well, he had done the homework to check into these studies and remember, this is a man who has went to college himself and done all kinds of research and has the same standings as so ,many, or even more, than the people who did these “studies”. Turns out, when you use the criteria and information that was gathered, that like so m,any things in life coming out of the media, it’s bunk. Yup, pure unadulterated poppy cock.

For instance, the one about salt. When a man who is 50 or over goes to the doctor and they clam he has high blood pressure, they recommend a diet where you only get a tiny amount of salt a day. Well, in order to follow that diet., you’d have to eat or drink nothing but fruit juice. And even then, you’d probably go over.

Remember the big Jack IN the Box deal some years back where some people got sick from tainted hamburger. He had the statistics about how many got sick and died. Well just a few years ago t6he same amount of sick and died from tainted green onions. Ever hear anything about that? But they still talk about the Jack in the Box deal.

He told quite a few of these same kinds of stories and they all go back to this, there is a controlled effort by the media and certain groups, to get people to eat little or no meat. They have all kinds of made up untrue statistics about how unhealthy meat and anything coming from a cow is/are.

One of the slides he showed really hit home. Re,member the picture of the starving little child from Africa and in the background is a vulture waiting for him to die. This poor little kid has got a bloated belly and and sticks for arms and legs. As Mr Sides pointed out, this child was not starving to death from lack of grain, he was starving to death from lack of meat protein…… yeah, if that kid had a few of the nasty ol’ Jack in the Box hamburgers, he sure wouldn’t look like that.

I can go on and on, but will wait, as Mr. Sides told me he will send me the info he garnered. And when he does, I will post it on here. But for now, from the research done, if you want to fight diabetes and over weight, go get rid of most of the processed sugars you are eating and go eat some beef, with good fat in it and have a glass of whole milk and some butter and cheese. Oh, and some of the “pink slime” which is really not pink, nor slime, but 95% protein. Made from beef. And it’s healthy and good for you. You can probably find it in a hamburger or some hot dogs or other beef products. Don’t worry, it will have no contaminants, because if nothing else, the Jack in the Box scandal made the beef industry mush safer, as far as the chance of getting sick from eating it is. Well, as long as you don’t over eat. And these fresh veggies that are supposedly so good for you? Be dang sure you wash them and wash them well! Because they have caused more sickness than anything else in the past 20 years. But the media won’t tell you that.